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Long Island's unique starter homes for $300,000

You should not become shocked by the fact that Long Island actually has starter homes that start at around $300,000 mark. Many of them have decent lot sizes reaching upto 8,000 sqft. Some even have updated interiors. If school district is not a big point on your list then you will fit right into one of these spots without paying high property taxes.

A starter/economical choice home in New York City area typically has 2 or 3 bedrooms out of which 1 is mostly the master bedroom while the 2 bedrooms are smaller. A full bath with another half bath is usually added in some of the recently upgraded houses. Here is a perfect example from Freeport. Most starter homes are capes or ranches, you should consider yourself to be lucky if you can find a ranch around the 300K price point in Nassau county.

If you simply keep an eye out on new listings coming up in the interested areas it won't be long before you can close a deal on a home for yourself or as an investment / rental property which can easily rake in some retirement funds for your and your spouse. These homes have not lost a penny in values over decades. I don't need to provide the graphs the internet is filled up with the statistics, make a move! :)

Posted on: Dec. 11, 2018, 10:31 a.m. UTC

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