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Amityville, NY

In year 2017 the median home price in Amityville was $548,600 while the average household income was around $113,889. Estimated population in 2017 was 5,294. The average real estate property tax in Amityville is $10,001. For further comparison of historical statistics see graphs below.

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Amityville is a village in the town of Babylon in Suffolk County.

First settled in the 1600’s, it was not until March 3rd, 1894 that it became the Incorporated Village of Amityville. In its infancy, the “friendly bay village”, as it has come to be known, was primarily a farming community that had strong ties to the fishing and boating industries. Salt hay was an important agri-product that was grown to feed livestock. But the farms and marine industries slowly gave way to the needs of summer visitors in search of comforts afforded by the cool breezes and beaches of the Great South Bay. Hotels, long since gone, supplanted the farms and marine industries that were located along the waterfront. The hordes of summer visitors that discovered early Amityville included stage and theater personalities, prominent members of society including businessmen, artists, writers and the so-called “rich and famous” Manhattanites.

Although within the geographical boundaries of the Town of Babylon, residents of the Village enjoy the benefits of a local police force, fire department and public works department. Residents are taxed by the Village for these services and by the Town and County for school taxes and other public services, such as trash removal. The Village is part of the Amityville Public School District.

Within the Village boundaries, there are numerous parks and public spaces for all to enjoy. They include:

  • Village Triangle and Gazebo – on Broadway between Sunrise Highway and Merrick Road
  • Avon Lake – landscaped area at East and West Lake Drives
  • Delano Nature Trail – Union Avenue, East of Broadway
  • Edmund W. Pearsall Park – natural rest area on Bayview Avenue
  • James A. Caples Memorial Park – Southern end of Bayview Avenue, with a playground, lighted softball fields, boat ramp
  • Peterkin Park – Oak Street, with playground, pond and footpath
  • 9/11 Memorial Park – center of the Village on Broadway
  • Nautical Park – Southeast corner of Merrick Road and Ocean Avenue, waterside park with benches, paths and band-shell
  • Maxine Postal Memorial Park – Unqua Place on the Great South Bay, in memory of Legislator Maxine Postal, 15th Leg. District
  • Amityville Beach Complex – Southern end of Bayview Avenue, with concession stand, beach and fishing pier

Source: amityville village website.

History of market pricing in Amityville
Average price of homes in 2017 Home Value $548,600
Average price of homes in 2016 Home Value $547,600
Average price of homes in 2015 Home Value $514,000
Average price of homes in 2014 Home Value $508,500
Average price of homes in 2013 Home Value $551,900