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Centerport, NY

In year 2017 the median home price in Centerport was $595,600 while the average household income was around $120,391. Estimated population in 2017 was 5,380. The average real estate property tax in Centerport is $10,001. For further comparison of historical statistics see graphs below.

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Centerport is highly residential, characterized by winding driveways and beachfront hills. As is common among the many beachfront locations on Long Island's North Shore, Centerport has developed a large boating and sailing culture.

An important part of the local culture is the Centerport Yacht Club, which was founded in 1947 and has served as the social and athletic focal point for the boating community in both Centerport and its surrounding areas. The yacht club sponsors a variety of racing fleets and regattas every year generally beginning in the late spring and ending mid-autumn. Centerport is in the Harborfields Central School District.

History of market pricing in Centerport
Average price of homes in 2017 Home Value $595,600
Average price of homes in 2016 Home Value $581,000
Average price of homes in 2015 Home Value $603,100
Average price of homes in 2014 Home Value $603,400
Average price of homes in 2013 Home Value $564,600