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How to avoid new homeowner mistakes?

Buying your first home is an exciting time in life. There are simple mistakes that can leave you stuck with a “problem house,” which may cost you several thousands dollars more than its actual worth. Your Realtor should be the one to guide & educate you to prevent such headaches in the future. Here are common mistakes and how to avoid them: ...

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I have made an offer on a home. What kind of home loan should I get?

Purchasing a new home is an exciting task for some however when it comes to figuring out finances things can start being challenging. Deciding on a lender and a mortgage is not a difficult task once you are aware of the financial terminology. If you can learn how to ride a bicycle with someone's instructions then you should be able to figure out which mortgage will work best for you. There are many different methods to finance a property but most transactions consist one of the five different kinds of mortgages available for a typical homebuyer or investor. ...

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How to clean up your lawn & gutter leaves quickly in fall and winter?

Outdoor fall & winter clean-ups can be quite a time consuming and some people find them annoying so most homeowners I know of normally end up calling a company for a service. (one for lawn, another one for gutters etc.) Calling for help is the best choice for elderly citizens who should not risk going out in low temperatures and climb ladders etc. Some people simply ignore the leaves lying around and assume they will fly around on their own or rot into the soil. This assumption does not work in most areas because the leaves simply just become trapped in places around your home while you may think they flew away. Don't make this mistake each year because over the years you will end up paying more from your pocket. ...

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How to buy your first home on Long Island, New York in easy steps.

As a first time homebuyer in the market you may have already sifted through several pages of internet articles, blogs and possibly reviews on Facebook, Yelp etc. Even if you're a not going to be a first time home owner in my opinion the research is still warranted and due diligence applies in all of the phases. It is pretty easy to make an offer on something however how are you sure it is the correct fit for you? With so many variables at play even big investors while working on multi home projects or condo buildings leverage their agents for decision making by using their knowledgable advices. ...

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Few north eastern real estate markets to closely watch in the next quarter.

It's official folks! Amazon is going to open two new location on the northeast coast of USA. It took the giant several months to narrow down to 2 locations from over a dozen across the country. Arlington, Virginia, and Long Island City (LIC) in Queens, New York, are the HQ2 winners. Mr. Bezos says, “we are excited to build new headquarters in New York City and Virginia. These two locations will allow us to attract talent from around the globe which will help us to continue inventions for customers in the coming future. Our teams did a tremendous job selecting these sites, and we want to become a larger part of these communities and neighbored areas.” ...

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